So I currently have a little fling occurring at work…problem is he a has a GF…Now i know this completely wrong and I have tried to stay away but we just gravitate towards each other. The chemistry and sexual attraction is insane.

Im also very intrigued by him, by his maturity, the ability to have an intellectual conversation,he also doesn’t hold back with anything he has to say. He’s also 35 and I’ve never dated someone older then me usually the same age and holy shit let me just tell you about the difference.I know its only seven years but that age gap makes a huge difference I don’t think I will ever be attracted or want to date someone who is the same age as me ever again.

So today he asked me a simple question…What had sparked your interest in me?  and crap I couldn’t answer…I literally stuttered and was afraid to answer. I think I’m afraid to be completely open because I know how hard I will fall for him because he is an all around good guy  and I know that me and him would be an amazing duo. He was also insulted that I couldn’t think of anything to say. The one thing I said was “UMMM our common interest in starbucks!” Really you dumbass thats all you can think of! The look on his face was priceless, then he went on a whole rant about what sparked his interest in me and said let that sink in. Think about your answer.

All I’m thinking about is work tomorrow and how I’m going to fuck that answer up again!